Housing Corporation : What's going on... (2002)

The feedback from the presentation was discussed and an action list was created to assign specific people to look into the major items. Nominations for next years officers to be elected at the annual meeting. Also the IRS sent a letter saying the non-profit status paperwork was received and they will contact us.

The presentation was held and input was received from Lee Hass, Jeff Ellis, and Mark Thompson. Student members were also present and offered further good input to the discussion. Click here to view the presentation online. The new bylaws were also approved at this meeting, they are available here in Word format.

More work was done on polishing up the presentation and the bylaws. Further clarification of the role of the student delegate to the housing corp. was made.

The presentation was practiced and then presented to the student members for their input. Changes were made accordingly.

Further discussion and work on the presentation for next month. The use of the Archive CD was also discussed.

More work was done on rewriting the bylaws. Federal tax forms have been mailed out.

Federal Form 1024 is almost complete. The By-Laws committee will be meeting to clean up and fix the existing corporation by-laws on Wednesday.

The presentation will be previewed to the student members December 1st.

Discussed the Alumni Information Meeting and set the date for Thursday, Dec. 12 @ 7PM in room 3118 of Talley Student Center (Click for map, bldg 102). Local alumni will be notified shortly via postcards and phone.

The corporation is indeed tax exempt from the State of NC, but needs to file forms to become a 501(a) corporation federally.

Brother Matt Griffith has requested membership in the corporation.

Planning Session
At a four hour planning session the following items where discussed in order:
  1. Target Money Amount
  2. Minimum Housing Requirements
  3. Fundraising Ideas & Plans
  4. Tactical Plan
  5. Property Management
  6. Archive CD
  7. Corporation Admin - Reports, Forms, Taxes
  8. By-Laws
  9. Additional Involvement
  10. Alumni Meeting
  11. Corporate Officers

A donation was received from Brother Glenn Medford, and Brother Mike Thompson paid off his promissory note.

A preliminary list of goals and time frames for those has been presented. A planning session will be needed to flesh out the list and set specifics.

Discussion have begun on hosting a meeting for local alumni to inform them of the corporation's status and seek input and review of our revised plans. Details will be announced once a date and place are set.

Student members are going to research and locate model houses in the area to establish a price range.

We received input from Sean Alazraki who has experience in fund raising from two town boards, and a private school he administrated. He offered us his experience and views on how to proceed with our fundraising, and offered to assist us in the future.

Discussed the role of the student members in the corporation. A delegated student will attend each meeting to report back to the chapter and offer input.

A new plan to first try to get a smaller starter house and work from there has been decided on. The specifications for this house will be decided with input from the student members.

Brother Mike Thompson was voted to The Board of Directors and Brother Lee Haas was voted to be a member of the corporation.

A PayPal account has been set up to allow brothers to easily donate to the Housing Corporation online. Look for the 'DONATE' button on the front page.

EMail List
A mailing list for the members of the housing corporation is now available send your emails to : housing@rho.arkay.net.

The current account balance is $5384. Derek Elin is checking with nationals about getting a higher interest checking account for the corporation. Lee Haas discussed the fact that the corporation will not be able to be considered as a non-profit to which donations are taxt deductible.

The content of the website was discussed and Michael Thompson will work on a second draft. Michael also submits a request to become a member of the corporation, to be voted on at the next meeting.

It has been decided to create a website for Rho of Theta Tau. The address will be in the letter when it is mailed. The current goal is to raise $10,000 from promissory notes and then discuss using the aid of a professional fund raising company.

The tax exempt forms are still being prepared. The current account balance is $5,159. Derek Elin is working on a letter to send to alumni. A draft will appear here soon.