Rho of Theta Tau Housing Corporation

Archive Project

The archive project has two goals, first to preserve the documents and history of Rho Chapter for future Brothers, and second to help raise funds for the Housing Corporation. The first volume of the archive is currently available for brothers who make a generous donation.

We also have 2002-2004 and 2005-2015 Addendums available to members of THOR.

This is the introduction from the First Volume of the Archive :

Welcome! First of all it seems appropriate to thank all of those people who were involved in the creation of this CD. Those involved with the process of making this CD include: Brian Cooper, John Lemire, David Sheehan, Mike Thompson and Matthew Tunney.

This CD came about through this process:
According to the minutes as far back as WWII the brothers had the vision of building a new house. Recent things started with the archive project when Matthew Tunney and Mike Thompson were trying to sort the mass of pictures that were around the house, on people's computers, and so forth and decided to try to centralize all of the chapters documents and pictures into one central location. From there, it was brought forth in a meeting and a Archive committee was created. Through the many hours of sitting down at scanners and computers to get each image and documents scanned, sized and put on an easy to read/view format would take from November 2000 to October 2001. Guys even went so far to spend their days in the libraries scan lab during the summer to stay cool. It has been a long but very rewarding to see final product and present it to you.

The is a three-fold purpose to this CD. The first and most important is to preserve the documents and pictures that have been laying around throughout the years, before they either got destroyed or lost. We have placed most of the items that you have on this CD in the Universities Archives to ensure that they are safe and not damaged. Second, is to serve as a reminder and hopefully bring back those fond memories of your college days when you were the active members of Theta Tau. Finally, as a fund raiser for the new house that the chapter would like to build. We are hoping that with your generous donations that this can be possible. The chapter has worked hard to fundraise and raise money, but without an active alumni base and support, this could not be possible. We hope that you will find a lot of happy memories in this CD. Please if you have not done so, update your information with the chapter. You can click here and fill out the form, and we will be happy to contact you and add you to our mailing list of events that are taking place.

There are two main categories; Pictures and Documents. Under each of these menus is a chronological list by year of the pictures and documents. Just follow the hyperlinks to view the pictures and read the documents under them. We also have this quick flash intro that is a composite of Rho chapter images from it's past to the present. We also have old versions of Rho Chapter's web pages so that there progress throughout the years can be seen. Finally we have all of the composites still intact and recent slideshows from our bi-annual banquets.