Rho of Theta Tau Housing Corporation

Action Items

Action Item Responsible Party
Develop "Business Plan" *ongoing* Treasurer
Brainstorm ideas for fundraising Housing Corp.
Set up and maintain Alumni Database/Wiki *ongoing* Brother Thompson

Completed Item Responsible Party Status
Develop sublease and sign main lease for 4 Maiden Lane Housing Corp. Completed (03/28/2005)
Develop new House Bylaws with Chapter Housing Corp. Completed (03/06/2005)
Plan 100th/80th Anniversary Celebration with Rho Chapter Housing Corp. Completed (11/01/2004)
Form committee to establish new minimum housing requirements Housing Corp. Completed
Design a corporate logo Brother Lemire Completed
Create record (spreadsheet) of alumni including membership status and giving history Brother Thomas Completed
Determine cost and living conditions comparable to Preiss Company Apts. Brother Stamey Completed
Prepare an amendment to the by-laws addressing final location for corporation money in the event of a dissolution Brother Thomas Completed
Find financial institution that will work with us Treasurer We’re in the Centura family
Determine if a Co-sign will be required Treasurer Co-sign of members will be required, no more than 3
Check on "utilizing" the Educational Foundation for donations Treasurer / Brother Haas They are able to hold money earmarked for house education use.
Investigate partnering loans Treasurer No longer used.
Investigate the difference between residential and commercial mortgages Treasurer Commercial loan can be acquired in the corporation's name by having 2 consecutive years of filing with the IRS. For a construction loan, we'll need a registered contractor.
Investigate implications of joining a REIT Brother Stamey Not feasible
Check on possibility of using Brother Hershner's mother for legal services Brother Elin She would be glad to help, but has not studied/practiced real estate law
Check into utilization of a money market account for corporation funds Treasurer The checking account has been converted into a money market account.
Investigate feasibility of construction loan Treasurer Done.
Define what needs to be done for pre-approval. Treasurer Done. Consider filing annual Federal 990 form for establishing financial history.
Gather all existing promissory notes Brother Thomas Done. Have notes from '60s till present.
Investigate agencies/organizations that give to non-profits (Internet search) Treasurer None available.
Investigate feasibility of using bulk mailing with Rho Chapter *Non-profit bulk permit approved.* Brother Thomas Done.
Investigate zoning regulations in the greater area Brother Thomas Done.
Contact other chapters and housing corps concerning house plans, fundraising ideas, and leasing plans Brother Griffith Done.
Set up a trust account under the guidance of the Grand Treasurer Brother Thomas Done, using Vanguard.
Mail reminders to people who signed promissory notes Brother Elin Done, letters mailed June 2004.
Get students & housing corp. to sign new promissory note Housing Corp. Done.
Consider filing annual Federal 990 form for establishing financial history Brother Thomas Done.
Check on availability of Student Legal Services for the corporation Housing Corp. Not available.
Investigate loans from alumni Housing Corp. Abandoned.